Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kaai vade/ Rice vade


1. Par boiled rice/kuchhige akki- 2 cups

2. white rice/Dosa rice/tindi akki-2 cups

3. Half grated coconut

4. Oil to fry


Soak the rice together overnight or for about 4 hrs.

Drain water and grind the rice along with grated coconut. You can add required amount of water  for grinding. Let the dough be slightly coarse. don't grind it to fine paste. It will not give that crispy bite if the dough is too fine.

Add salt to the dough . Now heat the dough over stove, turning repeatedly till dough becomes thick .

Take a clean plastic sheat or banana leaf, wipe oil on the surface.

Take the dough and make round balls and place it on the leaf and press with fingers and make round  patties.

Fry this patties in hot oil on both sides till it turns slightly red.

Serve with chutni or curry. Goes best with chicken sukka.

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